Feb 18, 2015

[SOLD] 1975 Vintage Seiko 5 7009-8335 "Nugget"

Seiko 5 7009-8335 "Nugget"
Circa 1975

The more vintage Seiko 5s I come across, the more I come to appreciate the attention spent to avoid having them being labelled as part of the mass produced pack.

Given, that a large majority of the bunch are colored derivatives of one another, UCB twins from the same Daini / Suwa factory, there are the unique few that I guess the designers wanted as easter eggs to the otherwise mundane cookie-cutting they are tasked to do with dial designs.

And along came "Nugget".

As in gold. 

Birthed from the Daini assembly line, the 7009-8335 television screen Seiko 5 presents itself in the most peculiar of dials. The grained texture allows light to be reflected from varying angles, exhibiting a sheen that's bound to keep your gaze. 

The use of polished and brushed gold finishes also adds an artistic touch to the whole face - like someone actually gave it a hoot instead of just having monkeys throw out different dial combinations into an assembly machine.

In fact, there's a certain deliberateness in its design. The hour batons are plastered with a rubied red to mirror the rubies in its movement, textured brushed dial rests humbly in the back, playing the canvas to the reflective hour batons, day/date window, the oar hands have that little extension to make it that little bit different, those little pencil mark minute tracks in between the batons. 

All encased in that cute little tv case. Shiver.

1975 Vintage Seiko 5 7009-8335 "Nugget"
Hour, minte and seconds hands with day/date display
Eng/Arb day display
Brushed gold dial, slight paint overlap from the painted batons
34mm stainless steel case
40mm lug-to-lug
19mm width bracelet
7009 automatic movement @ 21,600vph with quickset push for day change
Mineral glass crystal
Slightly tarnished Seiko Japan bracelet