Jun 15, 2015

1971 Vintage Seiko 5 6309-5220 "Snow"

Seiko 5 6309-5220 "Snow"
Circa 1971

White. Because winter is coming.

As Game of Thrones draws to an end with the repeated stabbing of John Snow (sorry guys, I know this is the last place you'd hoped to find GoT spoilers), I pay tribute with a timepiece pure as his unflinching honour.

A banded dial of white and silver represents the three stages of the Lord Commander's life - naive castleboy, young warrior, seasoned soldier.

All pure and white, each blemish set against a stark vastness for all to see. 

And surrounding the white dial is a banded black chapter ring, around which his life revolves. From the moment his uncle took him north, John Snow has had the life of a Watchman branded in his destiny. 

And his entire story, encased in a solid stainless steel offering, hard and cold against the livery of his wearer's hands. For the watch, for the north, for winter is here.

1971 Vintage Seiko 5 6309-5220 "Snow"
Hour, minute and seconds hands with quickset day-date
Eng / Frn day display
White / Silver tri-banded dial
36mm stainless steel case
40mm lug-to-lug
20mm proprietary lug width
6309 automatic @ 21,600vph
Mineral glass crystal
Seiko stainless steel bracelet


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