Aug 23, 2015

1962 Vintage Seikosha Sportsmatic 2451 "Bronze"

Seikosha Sportsmatic 2451 "Bronze"
Circa 1962

As far s dress watches go, I don't think you can get any better than this. Three hands, a nice crosshair dial with a thin guilloche chapter ring. All this in a rose gold plated case.

Long slender lugs sets the stage for the spectacular dial, housed under a domed acrylic crystal. A 20 micron rose gold plated case complements the bronzed dial, sunburst with a thin crosshair pattern. 

Tracing the perimeter of the case is a guilloche chapter ring, with thin gold hour markers embedded every five minutes. And at 12'O, twin hour markers join chapter ring to the raised dial.

Among the many Seiko watches that I come upon, Bronze has particularly high craftsmanship. legibility aside, the thin printed crosshair marking and its lesser five minute markers are perfectly placed, centered to every individual marker on the chapter ring.

The dauphine hands follow the designs on the dial, a thing straight line splitting each hand into two. Owing to Seiko's mandate to practicality, the minute and seconds hands have been made slightly longer, cutting slightly into the chapter ring. While at first glance it may seem to give OCDs a little bit of a nightmare, it'll actually grow on you.

The judge of a classic dress watch has to be its symmetry. Bronze is an ideal example, its clear lines and elements on the dial presenting an excellent accompaniment to any formal occasion.

1962 Vintage Seikosha Sportsmatic 2451 "Bronze"
Hour, minute and seconds hands
Sunburst bronze dial with guilloche chapter ring
35mm rose gold plated stainless case
44mm lug-to-lug
19mm lug width
Seikosha 2451 automatic @ 18,000vph
Acrylic crystal
Aftermarket leather strap


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