Mar 4, 2015

1970s Vintage Seiko 6139-7080 Chronograph "Pogue"

Seiko 6139-7080 Chronograph "Pogue"
Circa 1970s

Another achievement by the Japan, albeit a matter of serendipity. 

In 1973, a Seiko 6139-6002 was brought on board the NASA Skylab 4 mission by a Colonel William Pogue as part of his personal kit. Despite not being flight-approved by NASA, the 6139 performed admirably well. 

Story goes that Colonel Pogue trained for the mission using his 6139 and has grown familiar with it. He also wasn't issued the NASA-approved Omega Speedmaster Professional until nearer the mission and only used it for the spacewalk. 

That said, the Seiko 6139 can be considered the first automatic chronograph in space!

The Colonel's 6139-6002
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Thought not the 6139-6002 as worn by Colonel Pogue, this reference here carries a large resemblance to the original. The bright orange sunburst dial and golden sub-dial reminiscent of the adventure in space charted by the Colonel.

Silvered hands reflect light well, and offers an increase legibility for the watch despite the flashy dial, and the red chronograph seconds and minute recorders offer just enough difference without interrupting the time reading. 

From the Pepsi bezel Tachymeter to Chapter Ring to the minute tracks around the dial, the Pogue carries off a very sporty appeal to the vintage collector. 

The case of this 6139 can be considered rather large for a vintage offering, and is well suited to modern case preferences. Owning a slice of history just got easier.

1970s Vintage Seiko 6139-7080 chronograph "Pogue"
Hour and minute hands with day-date display
Eng/Spn day display
Orange sunburst dial with gold sub-dial
41mm stainless steel case
45mm lug-to-lug
20mm lug width
6139 automatic chronograph @ 21,600vph
Mineral glass crystal
Generic leather strap


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