Apr 20, 2015

[SOLD] 1983 Vintage Seiko 5 6309-584C "Dreadnaught"

Seiko 5 6309-584C "Dreadnaught"
Circa 1983


Oooo.. the name brings a shiver down my spine. It is a creation of destruction, forged by hateful men who wants a taste of world domination. Intimidating, metallic, and gruesome - the mechanism's gears crank and churn as it moves forward relentlessly. 

But in its fearsome visage is an engineering marvel, each part moving in complementary unison. Sombre and stoic it may stand, the aesthetics of the monster is well worth admiring.

Let's start with the dial. The large rectangular dial presents itself in the color of clay. A lighter share surrounding the darker one inside, both presented in different finishing, hardly noticeable until you get closer. 

Sunk deep like crosshairs on a mighty weapon, the three hour batons continues the weapon-of-war appeal. This and the weathered hands shake off any idea of vulnerability about the watch.

Leading off the hunky case is the tank track bracelet, rolling itself around your wrist. The links are solid and heavy, imposing more awe onto the watch.

Sitting large on a wrist, the Dreadnaught will be an eye-catching timepiece. Question is, are you man enough to carry it off?

1983 Vintage Seiko 5 6309-584C "Dreadnaught"
Hour, minute and seconds hands with quickset day-date
Eng / Arb day display
Two-tone earth grey dial
34mm stainless steel case
39mm lug-to-lug
20mm lug width
6309 automatic @ 21,600vph
Mineral glass crystal
Aftermarket stainless steel bracelet