May 12, 2015

[SOLD] 1977 Vintage Seiko Bell-Matic 4006-6040 "King"

Seiko Bell-Matic 4006-6040 "King"
Circa 1977

Gold drives a man mad. It gives the delusion of power, and men hoard the gold and think themselves kings. They surround themselves with riches and watch time go past, each stack of the shimmering metal putting them further and further away from the edge.

This magnificent offering has one of the loveliest dials I've ever come across. So many layers of gold it's mesmerizing! 

From the outer alarm bezel to the minute track and , hour batons, outer guilloche ring, center of the dial, and down to the hands. This baby is shiny!

And all the riches, held safe in the dome of an acrylic crystal, classic one-link bracelet keeping it strapped to your wrist.

Almost too good to let go. 

1977 Vintage Seiko Bell-Matic 4006-6040 "King"
Hour, minute, seconds hands with day/date display
Brilliant gold dial
36mm stainless steel case
42mm lug-to-lug
10 / 22mm proprietary lug width
4006 automatic alarm movement @ 19,800vph
Acrylic crystal
Seiko stainless steel bracelet