May 13, 2015

Vintage Golet One-Jewel NOS Manual Wind "Pebble"

Golet One-Jewel NOS Manual Wind "Pebble"
Circa Unknown

Here's something for those who like to listen the watch tick. 

One-jewel watches employ the use of pin levers to keep the balance wheel in check. These pin levers were used before the pellet fork came in, offering a cheap alternative to the jewelled offering.

This was exceptionally common before cost-effective fabrication of ruby jewels for movement plates were possible. The infamous One-Dollar-Watch of the past is revived in the Pebble.

While time-keeping might be a problem, the one saving grace of the one-jewel watch is the extremely loud ticking of the watch as the pin level catches the escapement wheel. 

The Pebble is NOS placed in nicely gold colored stainless steel cases, with various two-tiered fashion dials. 

Wind them up, watch them go, listen as the seconds pass. 

Can't get any better.

Vintage Golet One-Jewel NOS Manual Wind "Pebbles"
Hour, minute and seconds hands with manual date change
(fast change date by moving between 1am and 9pm)
Various two-tiered textured dials
35mm stainless steel case
39 lug-to-lug
18mm bracelet
Swiss-made manual wind pin level one-jewel movement
Acrylic crystal
The Pebble is delivered with the case only

S$60 each

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