Mar 27, 2015

[SOLD] 1971 Vintage Seiko 6139-6011 Chronograph "Pepsi"

Seiko 6139-6011 Chronograph "Pepsi"
Circa 1971

The Seiko Pogue series of chronographs area an interesting concept. Perhaps the most sportiest design from back in the days, the series come in all sorts of combinations, anchored by the infamous Pepsi bezel.

This one is no different, and comes delivered in a sleek polished black dial and a wonderfully patina'd bi-directional inner bezel.

I personally like this color combination over the more acclaimed Pogue 6139-6002. The black, white, blue and red gives an extremely sporty feel to the watch, and makes it sit very well on your wrist. 

Delivered in a deep blue and black sports strap to complete the look.

One of the the most endearing features of this watch is the bidirectional rotating bezel. I'm one who likes to make use of the chronographs and bezels to keep track of how long a single event might take, and the bidirectional one gives me a lot more fun than a unidirectional one IMO.

Throw in a pepsi bezel in good condition and you've got yourself a keeper of a 6139.

1971 Vintage Seiko 6139-6011 chronograph "Pepsi"
Hour and minute hands with day-date display
Eng/Rom day display
Polished black dial with black sub-dial
40mm stainless steel case
44mm lug-to-lug
22mm lug width
6139 automatic chronograph @ 21,600vph
Mineral glass crystal
Generic leather strap