Apr 15, 2015

1969 Vintage Seiko Skyliner Manual Wind Pocket Watch "Stellar"

Seiko Skyliner Manual Wind Pocket Watch 
Circa 1969

Collectors of vintage timepieces have got to have wanted a pocket watch. The thought of returning back to the ages where men wore vests and strung one of these to view the time is nostalgic and fantasy.

This offering from 1969 brings with it a touch of modernity at a time where times were simple and slow, where the act of checking time allowed one the luxury of reaching into your pockets and pulling out a large medallion of a pocket watch and rubbing your thumb across its acrylic crystal before appreciating the seconds sweep by.

Cast in a stainless steel outer case resembling a UFO, the Skyliner Stellar feels good to hold and flip, its smooth surface tapering into the sharp edges of the case. The date display changes instantly, and presents itself at the 6'O, offering clear symmetry to its sleek design. Before ending off with the Suwa seikosha logo.

The dial is a brilliant sunburst pattern, thick hour batons erected in parallel to its rays, hiding the long slender minute hand as it sweeps slowly along.

And at its heart, the 6102 manual wind movement beats at 21,600vph.

Classic, loud, and true to the golden ages of mechanical watchmaking.

1969 Vintage Seiko Skyliner Manual Wind Pocket Watch "Stellar"
Hour, minute and seconds hand with quickset date
Silver polished dial with sunburst pattern
42mm stainless steel case all-around
6102 manual wind @ 21,600vph
Acrylic crystal
Aftermarket stainless steel chain and hook


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