Apr 13, 2015

1970s Vintage Felca Sportsmaster X "Maverick"

Felca Sportsmaster X "Maverick"
Circa 1970s

Who doesn't love a sense of adventure? A trial down the beaten track, leaping into the wind and down the wild blue yonder.

And what better way to embrace adventure then with a stainless steel bracelet? The cold hard construct of a thick chain fused to your wrist in shiny defiance of the elements. Heat, cold, rain, then heat again! 

And with the experience come beaten scars and a weather visage. This Sportsmaster X is testament to a lifetime of thrill.

Of all the shots that I take of timepieces, what I find the most revealing is the "mugshot" - upclose with harsh focus and lighting, you get to see the watch for what it is. 

The dial lies exposed, every scratch and dink visible in the all-seeing lens. The crystal and each bumb against the wall. The bracelet and every desk dive it took.

This Felca came to me weather and seasons, a mark of a beater - heck, it took so much beating the dial lost a printed character! But it also functioned well, and what caught me by surprise was the instant date change. Unlike Seikos, whereby you can see the date wheel slowly turn towards midnight, the Sportsmaster X made the date advance with a loud tick. 

In the blink of an eye, you're on to the next day, yesterday a fleeting memory.

In honest truth, I really do like this watch. There's a certain boldness about this piece that makes you stop and wonder how you would spend time with it. It can be dressy, but the gold hands and thick hour batons defy that look. 

It can be sporty, but the jubilee bracelet and fluted bezel gives it the class to carry off a tux.

It rebels, it stands out, it's a class of its own. 

1970s Vintage Felca Sportsmaster X "Maverick"
Hour, minute and seconds hands with quickset date
Seasoned matte black dial
35mm stainless steel case
41mm lug-to-lug
20mm lug width
ETA 2783 automatic @ 21,600vph
Seasoned acrylic crystal
Original Felca stainless steel bracelet


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